CII Award for Customer Obsession 2018 (Awards) Free
Confederation of Indian Industry, , , India | Maharashtra Mumbai (Bombay)
Wed 30th May 2018


CII Award for Customer Obsession 2018

CII works to develop a strong and socially responsive Industry. To this end, one of the things it does is help businesses stay competitive. The CII Award for ‘Customer Obsession’ is a step in this direction.  The award uses a stringent framework, specially designed by the CII Institute of Quality (IQ), to evaluate the customer-focus quotient of businesses. 

There are three levels of recognition, starting from the Recognition for Customer Engagement, and going up to the Award for Customer Obsession. The three levels from highest to lowest are:

 CII Award for Customer Obsession
Recognised for Customer Centricity
Recognised for Active Customer Engagement

Applicants that make the mark are recognised, those that don’t, have the benefit of a rigorous evaluation none the less. They can use it to course correction and move towards higher customer satisfaction standards. 

For more information, please visit: www.ciicustomerobsessionawards.com