Email Marketing Seminar by Rishi Gangoly (Seminars) Free
91springboard Turbhe #3rd Floor Navi Mumbai, MH 400705 | Maharashtra Mumbai (Bombay)
Sat 21st Apr 2018-3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Email Marketing Seminar by Rishi Gangoly

Do you use Email Marketing to increase your business? If no, then you should attend this webinar and if yes then you should definitely attend this webinar because it's always better to do it the right way!

As an IT expert who is passionate about the new features of technology, Rishi Gangoly - the speaker of this event, serves as an IT Consultant to several organizations. He enables the organizations to deploy technology to tap into new business opportunities, optimize performance and grow revenues. His extensive experience in Linux, Networks, Data Centers and the Web make him a deep specialist in these areas.

The session is focused on effective use of Email Marketing and how you can get Maximum responses from clients

Agenda of the Seminar :
1. Learn Techniques to get your messages delivered to the Inbox instead of the Spam folder.
2. Understand Techniques to get your prospects to reply to you.
3. Get to know the ways to create Good Databases.
4. Learn About Software Apps to send out Bulk Mail.
5. Know About Bulk Mail Services.

Who Must Attend :
1. Business Development Managers
2. Sales Executives
3. Insurance Agents
4. Financial Advisors
5. Customer Relationship Managers
6. Trainers
7. Anyone who is looking to convert prospects into customers

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