Envirotech Asia (Expos/Trade Fairs/Exhibition) Free
Venue undecided | Maharashtra Mumbai (Bombay)
Thu 1st Nov 2018 | Sat 3rd Nov 2018


Envirotech Asia

Envirotech Asia 2018 offers unrivalled opportunities to network, which is one of the key advantages of leaving your workplace and attending a face-to-face exhibition in person. Envirotech Asia 2018 is going to be held on 01-03 Nov 2018 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India. Envirotech Asia 2018 offers the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals after the end of each session.
Exhibitor Product profile
Profile of exhibit based on Balers, Carts, Compactors, Compost Technologies and plants cleaning equipments , e-governance, Containers, Conveyors, Cranes, Crushers, Dozers, Dumpers, Environmental control system, Fleet Maintenance services, Garbage trash disposal, Hoists, Incineration plants for solid & hazardous waste, Landfilling materials / equipment, Medical waste sterilizers, Methane recovery systems, Odour Control, Portable toilets, Pollution Control systems, Refuse disposal system, Recycling Equipment / Plants, Safety equipments, Separation equipment, Shredding / Pressing equipment, Tippers, Transfer Trailers, Washing / Drying equipment, Waste Collection and Transportation Vehicles, Waste Collection Units, Weighting equipments, Wood chippers, Waste Control products. Adhesives, Advances treatment of waste water, Aeration Equipment, Alaram equipment, Centrifuges, Chemical Treatment of Waste water and sewage, Control equipment systems, Dehydration equipments, Detection & Maintenance equipment, Dewatering Equipment, Desanilination plants, Drilling Equipment, Industrial water treatment, Ion Exchange Raisins @ technologies, Membranes & Membrane Technologies, Man hole Covers, Nozzle & Diffuser systems, On-line Analyzers, Ozone systems, Pipes & fittings, Pollution Control Equipment, Pressure Indicators, Process water Recycling, Pumping equipment, Rainwater Management, Recovery plants, reuse of Water, Recycling waste water, Reverse Osmosis equipment / Plants, Sewage & Drainage pumps, Sludge treatment Equipment, UV Oxidation and Disinfection, Water quality analyzers, Water Transmission, water coolers and heaters, Water treatment equipment/ Plants. Carbon capture and storage solutions, Integrated solutions for clean, reliable power production, Modernization solutions helping increase the efficiency and lowering emissions, solutions for monitoring and diagnosis of plant equipment, Maintenance Management system, Clean coal technologies and solutions, Waste energy systems, Emission Control systems and equipments, Air pollution control equipment and services, CO2 separation and storage technologies, Solutions for efficient, low –emissions coal-based power generation and Fossil power cleaning solutions.
Visitor Profile
Visitors like Environmental Monitoring Authorities, Municipalities and Public Health Departments, Equipment manufacturers & suppliers, Venture Capitalists & Investors, Hospitals & hotels, Consultants & Advisors, Architects & Town Planners, Research & Development organizations, Facility management companies, Builders & Developers, Planning Bureaus, Sewage Treatment professionals, Irrigation Department, Waste Collection, service and recycling companies, Transportation Industry, Storage and Handling experts, Industrial users from various segments like ferrous & non ferrous metals, distilleries, petroleum & chemicals, Engineering industry, power, cement, pharmaceuticals, plastics, Construction and mines, Paper, Textiles, Food & Beverages etc.

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