World Green Infrastructure Congress (Conference) Free
The Lalit Ashok Bangalore, Bengaluru, India | Karnataka Bangalore
Mon 4th Jun 2018 | Wed 6th Jun 2018


World Green Infrastructure Congress

Why do we think green only when it’s Environment day? The planet was green which has turned concrete now! Let’s celebrate green on 4th, 5th and 6th of June 2018 at the World Green Infrastructure Congress, India – Bangalore.

The fortifying attributes of greenery signals everyone to take a deep breath and reinvigorate. The World Green Infrastructure Congress is an arena that offers exchange of expert knowledge and foster discussions related to the use of Green Technology.

The Conference will have presentations on the best green sustainable projects, futuristic design concepts and best practices in green technology, green city planning and interactive workshops. The World Green Infrastructure Congress endeavours to empower attendees with the latest technologies, developments and offer plausible solutions for important environmental issues.

World renowned speakers
Overview of green buildings
Sustainability measures
Strategies for building green
Architecture - Projects - Best Practice
Lectures and discussions on greening of buildings (greening of roofs, façades and indoor areas)
Interdisciplinary exchange of experience between city representatives, architects, city planners, urban water developers, industrial and property representatives, manufacturers, processors, researchers, associations, politicians and other interested parties