8th NASSCOM GIC Conclave (Conference) Free
Mumbai, India | Maharashtra Mumbai (Bombay)
Thu 19th Apr 2018 | Fri 20th Apr 2018-06:15PM to 06:15PM


8th NASSCOM GIC Conclave

From being an 'EXTENSION' of an enterprise, GIC 3.0 is now 'THE' enterprise!

Continuous maturation and enterprise integration has resulted in Global In-house Centers (GICs) emerging as a mainstream operating model for leading global organizations to accelerate enterprise transformation. GICs have experienced a paradigm shift, from being offshore service delivery centers to strategic enablers that support growth, differentiation and innovation in global enterprises. With the ongoing success and mainstreaming of GICs, the evolution of the operating model is complete and GIC 3.0 has arrived! GIC 3.0 is the manifestation of the infinite potential of this operating model.

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