Inviting Case Studies on Best-in-Class Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Adoption of AI is accelerating across the globe and, in parallel, AI technologies & techniques continue to get better every day, thus creating a virtuous loop.  AI solutions are augmenting human intelligence and improving our decision making, automating activities previously considered to be in the human realm, and adding significant value to our lives.

NASSCOM Artificial Intelligence Game Changer Awards 2018 will recognize, showcase & publish the most innovative, high impact and high-tech AI solutions that organizations have delivered internally or to their clients.


The ideal case study:

Should be an example of the use of deep learning (or other advanced machine learning techniques)

Should have solved problems that were previously poorly solved/unsolvable (without AI techniques)

Should involve unstructured datasets (text, voice, video, images, etc.) in addition to structured data

Should have delivered high impact


A not so desirable case study (for this submission):

Uses only BI or traditional advanced analytics techniques like regression, logistic regression, decision trees/forests

Is merely improving an existing solution incrementally by using an AI/ML technique like random forests, etc.

Is merely a proof-of-concept or a technology demonstration that isn’t yet deployed and hasn’t created impact

Simple RPA (but AI-driven RPA submissions are encouraged)


Application process:

Submission of Case Studies in the prescribed format – May 20, 2018

Review by Jury and shortlisting –May 31, 2018

Presentation of shortlisted submissions to the Jury – June 1 to 30, 2018

Announcement of top case studies –July 5, 2018

Winner’s Wins

Top 25 case studies will be prominently featured in a NASSCOM handbook of “AI in Action” published by top international publisher

Opportunity to be recognized by NASSCOM as best in class AI solutions at Big Data Analytics Summit, 2018

Promotion on NASSCOM online platforms