The era of AI is now and it’s fitting to proclaim AI is the new black. It is augmenting our lives in ways beyond the figments of human imagination in the shortest time-span imaginable. From Alexa calling your mom, to Siri playing your favorite music, from Ok Google giving you the world’s info in seconds, to Google’s AI predicting a heart disease, Artificial Intelligence has come a long way indeed and is transforming our lives at breakneck speed.

NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit in its 6th edition has witnessed its growing importance in terms of participation and the sheer quality of the discussions. Our theme last year was “AI and Deep Learning: Transforming Enterprise Decision Making” where we discussed the growing importance of AI. This year, our theme “Democratizing AI: From Disruption to Business as Usual”, will take it a level higher. Democratization is defined as the action/development of making something ubiquitous.

Today Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning (AI | ML | DL) are at the heart of digital transformation by enabling organizations to leverage their growing wealth of big datato optimize key business outcomes and propagate operational used cases.Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning: Changing the World!