We take great opportunity to bring to your kind notice that we are launching Global Pharmacovigilance 2018, with valuable suggestions and feedback of Global Pharmacovigilance 2017, and we would be delighted to invite you to attend at the upcoming "12th Global Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Trials Summit" during July 09-10, 2018 Sydney, Australia with the theme "Comprehend Multiple Facets of Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Trials." Conference Highlights includes:Pre-clinical Research & Clinical TrialsAdverse Drug ReactionPharmacovigilance and Risk ManagementGood Pharmacovigilance PracticeDrug SafetyClinical Trials on Various DisordersClinical Data Management and AnalysisCase Report Forms in Clinical TrialsClinical Pharmacology and BiopharmaceuticsChallenges in Pharmacy PracticeRegulatory AffairsClinical Research and StatisticsPV for biologics and biosimilarsCurrent & Future Scenario of Pharmacovigilance Submit your abstract at : http://globalpharmacovigilance.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/abstract-submission.php For more queries, email us at globalpharmacovigilance@conferenceseries.netYou should enter description content for your listing.

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Neurology is the study of injuries, disorders, diagnosis and treatment of thebrain, spine and nervoussystem including their coverings, blood vessels, and all effector tissues. There More than 600 known neurological disorders are there which affects our nervous system severely but still for most of the diseases treatment options are very limited and research is going on.


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