Diversity of various hues are a given. Various studies have shown that diversity fosters innovation. But would it really help in innovation if the mix doesn't work? Making the mix work is key to being a game changer and that is defined by the culture of an organization. Great cultures are intentional - it would be the point of focus in the values, vision, mission and importantly strategy of the organization that drives actions and behaviours across levels.

While the futuristic leaders look at creating a great culture that is inclusive, agile and fosters innovation, it is important to watch the paradigm shift in political, social, economic and technological spheres. These factors combined with expectations of diverse groups and customers is pushing organizations to revisit their approach and derive strategies that unleash the potential of their employees who are diverse in their thought process, skills, needs and motivation factors.

A truly inclusive leader will weave these together and shape the future of the business by fostering relationships and ability to work across differences.

Considering this backdrop, NASSCOM is looking at ways to celebrate diversity, understand the inclusive leadership nuances, questioning status quo of ways of thinking. In the one day Diversity & Inclusion Conference in June, the focus would be.

To understand what are some of emerging opportunities/challenges from a D&I standpoint in todays’ ever changing world

What is diverse talent – Gender, Generation, PwDs, LGBTIQ+ ?

Who builds the inclusive culture – who is an inclusive leader, what are the characteristics of these leaders

Can the age of technology create new opportunities for the PwDs, or bring down barriers/biases?

What is affirmative action for the LGBTIQ+ community?

With longer life span, people are in workforce longer – how to balance these generations at work.