KPMG in India invites you to join a LIVE webinar on Thursday, 26 April 2018 between 04:00 – 05:00 PM to discuss significant impact areas of Ind AS 115, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, on specific sectors - pharmaceuticals, media and contract manufacturing.


Revenue is a crucial financial performance indicator for companies and the new standard is expected to have pervasive impact due to the addition of significant new concepts on recognition, measurement and disclosure of revenue.

Continuing with the series of special sessions on Ind AS 115, this month the Voices on Reporting session focusses on the significant areas of revenue recognition where current guidance in Ind AS is expected to change due to implementation of Ind AS 115. We will cast our lens on following sectors:

Pharmaceuticals: Arrangements in the pharmaceutical sector often include multiple promises such as licences, Research and Development (R&D) services, manufacturing arrangements, distribution arrangements, etc. The new standard introduces comprehensive guidance on identification of separate components in an arrangement which applies to all types of revenue-generating transactions. Therefore, companies in this sector would need to evaluate the impact of Ind AS 115 on revenue accounting of these multiple arrangements and timing of revenue recognition.

Media: Companies in this sector have distinct and complex revenue arrangements such as barter arrangements, arrangements where careful evaluation is required on whether revenue is recognised at gross amount or net amount, free/discounted advertising and bonus spots, carriage fees, etc. Ind AS 115 provides a single model that establishes when to recognise revenue and at what amount. Therefore, companies in this sector need to consider the requirements of Ind AS 115 to identify the potential impact on revenue recognition from these arrangements.

Contract manufacturing: Under the current accounting framework, contract manufacturing arrangements where goods are produced according to a customer’s specifications are treated as product sales and the revenue is recognised at the point in time at which the manufactured goods are shipped or delivered to the customer. With Ind AS 115, such types of arrangements could be recognised over the period of the contract. Therefore, companies in this sector should evaluate the impact of Ind AS 115 on their revenue recognition model.

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