A majority of the participants (60%) are of the opinion that AI would help furthering social causes and enable human beings to live more fulfilling lives. These include stimulating economic growth, enhancing global health and well-being, improving cyber security and improving efficiencies in imparting education.

People expect their interactions with digital assistants to expand from being convenience-driven to the point of handling major responsibilities such as that of a teacher or advisor.

Business decision makers deem AI powered solutions such as machine learning, virtual private assistants, decision support systems, automated data analysts and others to be have a high impact on their businesses in the future.

The majority (75%) of business decision makers would prefer either purely AI advisors or a combination of AI and human advisors to make their promotion decisions.

When it comes to matters of personal health check-ups (77%) and education (61%), the participants are still inclined towards the involvement of human experts. Similar sentiments are echoed regarding the potential loss of human touch associated with AI run customer service.