Cutting edge advanced technological solutions have greatly altered the way business is done around the world transforming the traditional ways of manufacturing, handling, storing, and transporting things, delivering services, storing data, sharing information, etc. Adoption of various integrated or multiple technological solutions offers significant benefits for SMEs such as optimization of operational processes, improved process efficiency, better accuracy, decreased costs and time, enhanced access to new markets, increased revenues, better customer engagement, and satisfaction, etc. But factors such as lack of understanding of business benefits from technology, lack of awareness on disruptive digital trends, lack of skilled manpower to manage technology setups, poor infrastructure, insufficient funds, etc. are thwarting these enterprises from adopting various technological solutions. To boost the access to technology for Indian MSMEs and create technological literacy & uptake amongst them, the CII-Technology Facilitation Centre is organizing this webinar. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Is there a need for an app for every business? Types of apps a business may need. What to keep in mind while developing an app and How to develop an app? Are you developing it in-house or outsourcing? Parameters to keep in mind: - Marketplaces - Where you want your app to be available? - Advertising - What can be incorporated within the app? Which advertising network should you use? - Analytics - What do you want to track? Which platform do you want to use for the same? Data Collection - what data do you want to collect from the users? How do you want to use them?