In the dynamic business and professional scenario in India, the most limiting factor for any sector is Resource Mobilisation. The biggest strength for any company’s success is also strong, skilled resources. So, with this focus, ET Edge presents Academia Corporate Exchange Summit that will create conversations to bring together Academic Institutions and Corporate hiring leadership on a single platform. The event will invite participation from policy makers from the Ministry of Human Resources for active participation and inputs for discussions. The objective of the event is to understand the following challenges/ issues and arrive at solutions for these:

For multi geography, multi- functional enterprises, what are the biggest challenges to recruitment that matches their business plan resource needs

Illuminating the skill gap: what do enterprises look for in job ready students from Institutions

Given the rapid business transformation that is the need of the hour for Corporates to stay globally competitive, what are the new age skill sets that Institutions are required to equip their students with?

How Academia can modify/ transform their education systems, processes and curriculum, to ensure their students meet the current and future needs of Enterprises.